War of Gaia : Into Fire


What is War of Gaia : Into Fire?

War of Gaia : Into Fire is a hardcore survival game, taking elements from all types of games. Our Inspiration is Halo Series, Ark, and Stellaris. The game will allow players to choose to be either Terrans, Martians or Titans. It will be hardcore survival where you can gather materials to build, craft, and expand your settlement.


Form Factions

Players can form factions the benefits of factions is the game’s built in Territory System. Give Ranks, Create Flags, Choose Faction Colors to be flown over the base.


War System

No building can be destroyed or hurt unless the faction is at war with another faction. Once a war is declared both sides can actively destroy and kill anywhere anytime. Once the warscore is met the war is officially over and the aggressor can not declare war on that faction for 1 week.


Force Others to Follow

Factions can force other factions to be their vassal. Once a faction is Vassal of another faction they are taxed on all resources gathered, the vassal faction can no longer declare war on any faction other than their master faction and only after 1 week of being a vassal.


Traps, Weapons, More

Build elaborate traps to fight off the Insectum or focus on your Terran brethren. Landminds, Flamethrowers, Taser Traps, and more!



War of Gaia : Into Fire is vehicle focused combat, factions either build up their armada or face defeat. each vehicle will need ammunition, fuel, and maintenance to be at top performance. Currently in alpha there is recon rover, transport VTOL, ore hauler, armoured transport rover, and Assault Mech.



Hunt down other players for DNA points to evolve your Insectum creature. Become Siege, Stealth , Warrior, Flyer, or Queen archtypes. Each with their own strengths and weaknesses on the field of battle.


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